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Our hosting, maintenance and security back-up service is designed to optimize your file security and keep your website both safe and updated. 

Your WEB, in safe hands

SEcure, stable and worry-free

Web hosting and support


double system for backup copies

plugin and module updates

protection vs attacks and spam

SSL certificate (Https)

maintenance and settings

domain and dns management

€30/month or €300/year

Why do I need Premium Hosting?

At Teix Web we chose to be demanding. That’s why we only offer one option when it comes to webhosting: the best and most complete one.

We've got you covered

Premium Hosting isn’t just hosting and backups, it’s an entire suite designed to keep your website healthy throughout its life. It’s the closes thing to insurance, where the main objective is security, stability and most of all, peace of mind.

it's a full spectrum anti-hacking strategy

As well as the integrated security systems in our servers, we rely on a double backup system which allows us to make a daily security copy of your website, one on a local and one on an outside server.

That way, if any hacker does manage to get into your site, we just have to retrieve the local backup. If our server was also attacked, we go for the outside server backup. Back to normal, nice and easy.

be up to date, every day

All websites need updating, and an admin to update them. If you don’t update your website daily, you could be left without security measures.

Many of the updates can’t be automatic either, as they can generate internal conflicts. That’s why we include an update service with Premium Hosting: so you don’t waste time learning the technical ins and outs, and so we can immediately resolve any kind of problem when we update.

This is especially key if your website was made with WordPress or Prestashop.

All in one studio

We help you shape your business

We want to help you reach your business goals and build your brand, so feel free to ask us about any of the following services, or get in touch with our team to use different services on the same project.


We offer plans tailor made for your business, or you could use our renovation package and update your existing website using the latest technology.

Web Design

We create and design your brand to make it reach even further, as well as finding solutions together to find the best message and support for your clients.


We never settle for a single tool, we offer you the best solution based on the needs of your business. SEM, newsletters, ads… grow your business.

Graphic Design

We create tools to save time and make money. Open source or tailor-made apps. ERP and CRM software to be more efficient than your competition.

Hosting Premium

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